Guardians Of The Galaxy and Mario Party Superstars reviews

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Guardians Of The Galaxy (, Xbox, Switch, PC, £59.99)

Verdict: Space odyssey


Have you ever bounced around the hollowed-out inside of a giant celestial being’s skull?

I have.

Or at least I have while playing as Peter Quill (who wishes you knew him as Star-Lord) in the new Guardians Of The Galaxy game, released this week.

And that’s not even the craziest thing that my gang of galactic misfits and I got up to.
Was it when the gun-toting racoon challenged me to a shooting match and an arcade-style counter appeared on screen? Was it when we all chopped up a massive space octopus in a tyrant’s fortress? Or later, all that bother with the cult?

All of which is to say: this game is overflowing with invention, colour, and big, cosmic spectacle.

Its makers have surpassed even the mighty Marvel Cinematic Universe in translating the Guardians from the comic-book page, where they began, to the screen.

But, really, it’s not the widescreen hullabaloo that sets Guardians Of The Galaxy apart.

It’s the close-up drama. In between surprisingly intense bouts of combat against aliens, androids and cultists, you get to simply spend time with your crewmates. The relationships that you make — or Playstation 5 Restock ( break — properly affect how the story progresses.

It’s unsurprising that a game this ambitious has some bugs; the occasional odd facial animation or stuck conversation. But they will be eradicated by future updates.

In the meantime, I’m still having a blast with my, er, blasters and Playstation 5 Restock my buddies.

Pew! Pew! That racoon ain’t got nothing on me. 


Mario Party Superstars (Switch, playstation 5 £49.99)

Verdict: A deserved celebration


Nintendo’s moustachioed plumber sure has been working overtime recently.

Not long after his latest golf game comes this: a new Mario Party game, or, rather, a newish one. This is a collection of Mario Party classics renovated for the Switch.

It’s a great deal of fun; tearing around boardgame landscapes in competition with up to three of your friends, then jostling to succeed in dozens of fast-paced minigames.


Stay balanced on a block of ice! Dodge boulders! Score a penalty!

Just the thing to occupy a cold evening, until the next Mario game comes out.


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