Top tips to increase your homes value

Owning a home can be great, but it can also be very burdensome. There are several things that go into properly maintaining your homes appearance and upkeep so that the equity that you’ve been paying into doesn’t slowly go down the drain. Here are a few helpful tips for what you can do to keep up your homes appearance without breaking the bank.

1.) Clean your house regularly.  I know this sounds simple and rudimentary, but just cleaning your house thoroughly 2-3 times a year will lead you to the other problems that are manifesting themselves throughout your home. I’m not saying just clean your house 2-3 times a year, but a deep some times called “spring cleaning” a couple times a year along with regular weekly and if your diligent daily cleaning can in many cases help increase your homes value by as much as 10%.

2.) Add a touch of green. Everyone loves the smell and sight of plants and flowers. Well, maybe not so much if you have allergies, but you get the point. A little dose of live plant life in your home adds a certain appeal to the overall atmosphere and can bring about positive changes in the your life as well. Studies show that people are more keen to have a positive response if there are live oxygenated plants in and around our homes. Maybe start with a cactus or some other desert variation. They don’t really need much water and can produce very beautiful  flowers if taken care of. This was actually the first potted plant I got for my mother that she didn’t kill right away.

3.) Declutter and get organized. This goes right in line with #1 and is something I struggle with everyday, but if we can lighten the load of what we have in front of us then the day and our entire lives becomes that much more manageable. Plus in relation to this article, a well maintained and organized space gives off a much more appealing vibe than one rot with clutter and embarrassing messes. Heck, that’s why there’s a new hit HGTV show called Hot Mess House that can give you great ideas on how to shed and/or properly organize some of your “essential” items. I like shoes, who doesn’t though?

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